The task force behind the Paper Reach Survey

Task force

The study was conducted by a task force gathering experts of the UMA, UBA, ACC and bpost media.

This team was in charge of detailing out the study, selecting the market research agency, developing the most relevant methodology and validating the results and their interpretation.

Profacts is the market research agency that was selected to conduct the study.

Simone Ruseler Linkedin

Simone Ruseler

Knowledge Manager
Zaki Lahbib Linkedin

Zaki Lahbib

Media Manager
Bernard Cools Linkedin

Bernard Cools

Chief intelligence Officer
Remi Boel Linkedin

Remi Boel

Market Intelligence Director
Yves Van Landeghem Linkedin

Yves Van Landeghem

Managing Partner - Strategy Director
Leo Burnett
Florence Benayer Linkedin

Florence Benayer

Head of Market Intelligence
Virginie Leyman Linkedin

Virginie Leyman

Senior Market Intelligence Expert
Frédéric Jadinon Linkedin

Frédéric Jadinon

Head of Insights & Communication
bpost media
Benjamin Wattiaux Linkedin

Benjamin Wattiaux

Senior Market Intelligence Expert
bpost media
Emma Declerck Linkedin

Emma Declerck

Marketing Intelligence Expert
bpost media
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