Paper Reach in a few numbers

A medium that attracts

69% of Belgians open their letterbox every day.

A medium that arouses curiosity

80% of Belgians are curious about the content of their letterbox.

A medium that captivates

75.8% of Paper Mails are read.

A medium that generates emotions

57.7% of Paper Mails generate positive emotions.

A medium that multiplies views

A recipient is exposed on average 4 times to the same Paper Mail.

A medium that triggers action

45.2% of Paper Mails trigger a commercial action.

(28.4% online / 26.8% offline | 22.9% pre-sales / 15% sales / 8% WOM)

A medium that is shared

Paper Mails are read on average by 1.4 people.

A medium that lasts

51.7% of Paper Mails are still active within the heart of the home after one week.

Paper Reach in a few words

It means that one in two people react and beyond reading, undertake an online - or other type of action. I find this figure impressive.

José Fernandez
Chief Customer Experience Officer - D'Ieteren

It will be really useful, for us as advertisers, so we can know more about the effectiveness of this medium. And as we can segment according to target audience it is very interesting.

Valérie Bracke
Head of Brand, Media & Communication - KBC

Advertisers trust us with their budgets. So now, being able to estimate a sector's impact figures and to show what they can obtain with this budget, is a key element.

Delphine Goor
Hybrid Channel Manager - Mediaplus

The further digitalization goes, the more special the physical becomes and I think that's one of the main advantages of Paper Mail. People can really hold something in their hands.

Vincent D'Halluin
Managing Partner & Strategic Director - Mortierbrigade.
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